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For our tenth (!) Hanukkah video, we return to our roots. Parodying two of the most critically and commercially successful songs of 2019, we sing about the holiday’s rituals, traditions and ideas in colored boxes.


But there’s more. Though 2019 is still one of the best times in history to be Jewish, we’re beginning to feel tremors of uncertainty. Pittsburgh, Poway, and now Jersey City all remind us that there are forces of hate who would prefer a world without us. And to them we say: “we’re not going anywhere.”

This year’s lyrics focus on Hanukkah’s unambiguously public celebration of our faith and tradition. From the menorahs in the windows of private homes, to the menorah lightings in public squares, we “light our flames for all to see.”

Happy Hanukkah!

P.S. Make sure to stick around after the main song for some “outtakes” ;)

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