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Exciting new!
We’ve launched a new series of one-minute performances called “Maccabeats Minutes” which will allow us to share more of our music than ever before.


We’ve already released two of these videos:
1. I Wouldn’t Be, in honor of Mother’s Day
2. Mi Bon Siach – a Jewish wedding song we set to the tune of “You Are the Reason” by Calum Scott – released on Lag BaOmer to mark the beginning of the traditional Jewish wedding season.

Maccabeats Minutes will be featured on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, so make sure to follow us there to be the first to see these and other Maccabeats updates.

You can also listen to Maccabeats Minutes on our Spotify page.

One more thing: We want to hear from you what you’d like to hear, so please do let us know what we should sing next.

Stay in touch:

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