What I Am with Camp HASC


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Tensions are high. And while we realize that a music video probably can’t solve all, or even most, of the world’s problems, we hope to use our little corner of the internet to slightly brighten up our seemingly dark world.

This past summer we had the extraordinary opportunity to film a video with the special staff and campers at Camp HASC, the Jewish community’s premier summer program for children and adults with special needs. The ties between the Maccabeats and Camp HASC are strong, as we count no fewer than three of our members as former staff members there.

To best capture the themes of Camp HASC and why we find it so inspiring, we chose to sing‘s “What I Am,” an anthem of empowerment, personal growth, and positivity. The song is an affirmation that each individual is special in his or her own way, and that we can draw strength from this uniqueness: “What I am is special: there’s nothing I can’t achieve because in myself I believe..”

Thanks as well to our new friends from the Chai Riders and the Hartford’s Proud Drill, Drum, and Dance Corp, all of whom brought their own special enthusiasm to this project.

Please share our video with your friends and don’t forget to grab the track on iTunes or CDBaby.

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