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One year ago, communities around the world came together for an innovative and singular initiative: the Shabbos Project.

Shabbat, the traditional day of rest, is a chance for us to spend time with our communities, spend time with our families, or even just spend reflective time with ourselves. It is a time to recharge our physical and spiritual batteries.

At the conclusion of Shabbat each week the transitional Havdallah verses and blessings are recited, giving us the opportunity to take the beauty and holiness of Shabbat with us into the rest of the week.
In partnership with the Shabbos Project and joined by world-class cantor Netanel Hershtik and full orchestra, we are proud to present our newest video: Havdallah. Filmed at the iconic Avatar Studios in NYC and featuring footage from Havdallah celebrations around the world, our rendition follows the popular combination of a traditional Modzitz Hasidic melody with a tune composed by Jewish singer-songwriter Debbie Friedman.

This year, we’ll be celebrating the Shabbos Project with a Saturday night concert in Mexico City. This will be our first performance in Mexico and we’re very excited to interact with a new community and culture over the weekend.

Make sure to check out the Shabbos Project celebrations in your city, and have a great Shabbos! As always, stay in touch.

PS: Some huge news coming real soon. It may or may not be related to a certain upcoming holiday :)


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  1. Comment by Victor Drawdy on December 3, 2019 at 10:27 pm

    I am just learning Hebrew, but may I get the words in English and the transliteration?

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