Hasmonean – A Hamilton Hanukkah


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An empire bent on ruling a sovereign territory without fair representation. A scrappy country rising up against the odds and their much greater opponent. A young leader with history’s eyes on him, leading his people to a miraculous victory. This, of course, is the plot of the Hanukkah story, the subject of our newest video.

We’re huge fans of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s revolutionary musical Hamilton, and we were especially impressed at how he used modern musical styles to direct the hearts and minds of millions towards the characters and lessons of history.

We borrow the tunes (and a few costumes) from Hamilton to trace the characters and lessons of the Hanukkah story, following Judah Maccabee as he leads the fight against the Assyrian Greeks and retakes the Temple. Don’t throw away your shot to share this video with your friends, and have a great Hanukkah!

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One comment

One comment

  1. Comment by Mindy Schaper on January 5, 2017 at 4:47 am

    I loved it! Very clever adaptation.

    Great job.

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