Despacito – דספסיטו


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Have you ever had the feeling that the more you do, the faster time seems to go? Or that you’re a spectator – not a participant – in your own life?

Our newest video, a cover of Amram Adar and Itzik Shamli’s timely adaption of the summer mega-hit Despacito, asks us to pause and live deliberately. Family, faith, and meaning should never take a backseat to the rat race of work and blind ambition. As we sing in the chorus (translated from Hebrew) “Slowly – take things slowly, everything will come in it’s time my dear. And all delays will turn out fine as long as we keep faith.”

We’d really appreciated if you could take the time share this video with your own friends and family!

Finally, our love goes out to our friends in Houston, hometown of one of the Maccabeats. Please consider donating to the Jewish Federation’s relief fund (link here) or the cause of your choice, they need our help.

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One comment

One comment

  1. Comment by Hadasah on May 15, 2019 at 3:54 pm

    It sounds like spanish. I know this because I speak spanish. ( and many other languages as well )

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