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Ever since we visited the White House in 2011, Barack has been bugging us to include him in a future project. Finally, we got together with him and some of our Jewish friends to produce this very special version of “Candlelight,” our viral Hanukkah song. It was truly an honor working with all these celebrities, and if you email us …


For years, the name Maccabeats has been synonymous with catchy and exciting a cappella covers and parodies of songs from all genres. All of our videos, albums, and concerts have been filled with music written by other people. …Until now. In honor of Hanukkah 2012, we are proud to debut our first original song, “Shine.” Shine is a …


This year, instead of sending around cards or emails to our friends, family, and fans, we decided to do something a little more…musical. The melody we are whistling in our short Rosh Hashanah clip is traditionally sung before commencing the evening High Holiday prayers. This tune, something that we have been singing since our youths, is over a …


Ten Candles?


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One of our favorite mistakes, and the action that continues to inspire fan email two years later, is that we lit candles with a “second shamash” in our Candlelight video. For those who didn’t notice, at one point in the video, one of our singers lit a Chanukkah menorah which already had eight candles and one shamash in …

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