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Is it still a cappella if we used cups and a table for percussion? Either way, we’re proud to present our latest pop-adaptation: we put the lyrics of “D’ror Yikra,” a traditional Shabbat-table song, to the tune of “Cups,” recently popularized by the movie Pitch Perfect. According to one interpretation, the opening line of the song, “D’ror Yikra,” …




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Every once in a while, somewhere between pop hits about dancing and love, a different kind of song hits the radio waves. A song that is more than just a catchy melody, a song that tries to make a statement, a song that is equal parts medium and message. “Brave,” originally by Sara Bareilles and Jack Antonoff (the …


Before we talk about our newest single, “Lemaan Achai,” a word about our collaborators on this project, Shalsheles. Growing up, the songs of Shalsheles played an important role in the soundtracks of our lives. From their classic, heartfelt “Esa Einai” to their melodious “Yofyafisa,” their music has accompanied us through school, camp, our bar mitzvahs, and even – …


We first came across the video “Dumb Ways to Die” while touring in Australia, where the video campaign had exploded into a viral phenomenon. We immediately took a liking to it because it conveyed a clear, simple message while also being entertaining and funny; because it appealed to viewers of all ages; and, most of all, because it …


Dearest Fans, We’ve got a lot of exciting stuff going on and we wanted to share it with you: 1. The positive response to our Les Mis/Passover Video was astounding. We thought it might be risky to stray from our pop roots, but it turns out that plenty of folks (something to the tune of half a million …


Since the earliest days of Maccabeats, fans have been asking for a Pesach (Passover) video. And for just as long, we’ve wanted to produce a Pesach video, but only if we could get it right; If we could put together a project that properly portrayed the excitement and grandeur of the Festival of Freedom. This year’s film adaption …

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