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The Maccabeats - Premier A Cappella - Using nothing more than the human voice, a clean-cut presentation, and a little Jewish humor, this group of singers is able to connect with fans of all backgrounds and ages. Want to get the full audio visual Maccabeats experience? Check The Maccabeats out on YouTube!

Pan Fry

Date: December 17, 2019

Macca-Beatles Medley

Date: July 7, 2019

Mi Bon Siach

Date: May 31, 2019

I Have a Little Dreidel

Date: November 28, 2018
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The Maccabeats bring their fun and catchy arrangements to a wide array of musical styles and genres to produce music that is enjoyable, meaningful, and easy-listening, all at the same time.


A Maccabeats Hanukkah

Release Date:November 2015

One Day More

Release Date:March 2014

Out of the box

Release Date:March 2012